Cuffing Season is Nigh

October 9, 2015 at 8 p.m. EDT

Cuffing season is nigh. Tonight the drunks offer last minute tips on getting chose. We’re also talking Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher, Raven-Symone’s hatred of black names, blackface and why Jesus want you to be ballin’!

Guest Drunks: @cindasmommy@noverton82 and @thecoldphoenix

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Drunk Culture

Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan & Derek Fisher

Amber’s SlutWalk

More white kids wore blackface to a party 

Raven-Symone hates black names

Meet Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer

Jesus died for you to be balling

Ben Carson to Wolf Blitzer: Holocaust Would Have Been "Greatly Diminished" if Jews Had Guns  

Jews with guns

Drunk Talk: Cuffin' Season
We asked prisoners in solitary confinement for photo requests, and then created the images: 

Baby-faced men opt for beard transplant:

Porn University for Aspiring Adult Film Stars:

Wife School: