Single + Christmas = jfasiodfijwe

December 11 at 8 p.m. EST

Happy Birthday, Daniel Holtzclaw! Ayesha Curry vs. The Sluts. The Grammy’s with Kendrick, Drake & Omarion. Meek collects another L. Trump recruits for the KKK. Justice Scalia on Black success. Plus, the singles share tips on surviving Christmas...alone.

Guest Drunks: @Cande313 and @DwayneDuggerII

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Drunk Culture:

Happy Birthday, Daniel Holtzclaw!!!:

Ayesha Curry vs. The Sluts (J/K)

How to make your relationship last:

Kendrick gets 11 nomination; second most, behind Michael Jackson 12 in 1984:

Omarion has a Twitter Breakdown:

Drake: Winner and Loser of the 2016 Grammys:

Meek heading back to State (Penitentiary)?

What to do when you feel like shit:

Trump recruiting for the KKK:

Justice Scalia: Blacks Aren’t Smart Enough for Our Schools:

WTF News:
Man steals $41,000 worth of chicken

Man arrested for driving 110 mph, naked, with 3 IG models

“This guy punched me in the face with a chocolate bar”

College student hires family for Christmas card prank

Drunk Talk
What do the lonely do at Christmas?

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