Syllabus for Transgender 101

June 5, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet with her Vanity Fair cover, and a lot of you "don't get it." No worries! The drunks are here to help you understand. Tonight we're talking to the transgender community, allies and advocates to answer all of your questions. Then we're going to talk about Kim, Bow Wow, James Harden and other stuff.

Tonight's drunks are  @ray_nasty_, @Pants_So_Short&@Chenoia(maybe more). 

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Terms to Know

Special thanks to GLAAD and BoingBoing for this guide on how not to be an asshole when discussing transgender people.

Drunk Talk

This week we're discussing what it means to be transgender with a transgender man, a transgender woman, a minister and a researcher. Have questions? Submit them to @RealDrunkShow or

Drunk Culture Reading

Make sure you're familiar with these stories, so you can keep up with the conversation.

Drunk Advice

Is her man trans, cross dressing or just being silly?