30's the New 20 and Other Lies Old People Tell

November 6, 2015 at 8 p.m. EST

Ben Carson keeps talking…as do Halle Berry, Rick Ross and DJ Drama’s exes. Serena is a superhero. Spike Lee and Chiraq are our enemies. And old people talk about how Jay Z lied about 30 being the new 20. 
Guest Drunks: @Cande313 and @TheColdPhoenix

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Ben Carson won’t stop the bullshit:

Exes won’t STFU:

 Super Serena??:

Folks are mad at Spike over Chiraq:

Drunk Talk: Getting Old

Drunk Advice
Dear Drunks,

 I’m 35, single and in my fucking feelings. My friends keep calling me Drake because I “whine about being single all the time,” but I feel like these bird ass bitches who hoed all their youth away and didn’t get chose. I’m a good guy. I went to college. I have a job. I make money. And go to church. Why won’t these women love me? Even the good girls acting like birds these days, man. I’m just trying not to have to die alone…or wash my own clothes for the rest of my life, man.

Marry Me 

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