Safe Sex and Refugess

November 20 at 8 p.m. EST

Kylie dumps Tyga on his birthday. Cam dabs on dem folk. Stevie Harvey offers more unsolicited relationship advice. Transgender Day of Remembrance. Charlie Sheen. ISIS. And Syrian refugees.

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Drunk Culture:
Transgender Day of Remembrance

Tyga, Kylie, Future and Blacc Chyna

Is it okay to listen to R. Kelly:

Cam dabs on the folks...and they are pissed:

How to tell if a man thinks you're the one, according to Steve Harvey:

Funeral Home Director Arrested After Bodies Found In Garage

4 Things I Need From You in a Relationship

Drunk Talk
Charlie Sheen


Drunk Advice:

Dear Drunks,

Don’t get it twisted. Babe is BAE. He is my everything. I really do love him, respect him and adore him. The problem is we disagree on some things. Actually, disagreeing is our problem. But we fundamentally disagree on how certain segments of people should be treated. While he treats me with the utmost respect, he’s quick to refer to other women as bitches, hoes, sluts and tricks. He uses words like fag and tranny and treats people who identify as LGBTQ as if they’re less than him. He also talks down about people in poverty and calls them lazy and stupid. Again, I love BAE! But his behavior disgusts me. What should I do? Am I in love with a bigot?

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